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Way past midnight I contacted a friend and I’m glad that I did.

We share a lot of feelings and thoughts. I consider myself privileged and lucky to have been found by such friend. There were a lot of —renowned— people who were deprived of this gift. Sad for them but lucky for us, those people found solace in papers and pens and now a lot of us can read what left behind and feel connected.

I’m also grateful about the technology that enables us to talk to each other this late at night and over such considerable distance.

I long to see him again in person.

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Back, in style

It’s been a while since I practiced free writing. And not-so-coincidentally It’s been the same while since my last exam. The struggle is real people!

Anyway, I wasn’t exactly a worthless piece of some usually-brown matter in the past few days. I finally settled on middleman1 as my static site builder of choice to host these writings and actually did go all the way of implenting it. Which wasn’t a cake walk by any means. The commands from the official documentation didn’t work for me!2 Someone should write a good getting started on this thing for people who are not familiar with ruby. To be real someone probably have done already, But I didn’t happen to stumble upon such thing. By the way I just —in the middle of typing— decided to link to the project3 that actually finally made it work the way I wanted it to after a day of dealing with errors. Be this a thank you to those people.

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  1. middleman is an static website builder written in ruby. 

  2. I should have appended bundle exec to the begining of the commands in the doc for some reason. 

  3. middleman-casper is an elegant theme for middleman. As of writing, this blog uses this theme. 


The pen is mightier than the sword.
—Edward Bulwer-Lytton

Sure. But on top of that I believe:

The pencil is mightier than the pen.

What I mean by that has nothing to do with the original and famous qoute. I just find writing with a pencil more inspiring. Maybe just because I know there is an eraser I’m allowed to make mistakes thus think more freely.

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Sleep on it

I’m starting to realize that good things don’t get made in one sitting. They take time over several sessions. Leaving for a day and revising your work makes all the difference between mediocre and extraordinary.

Also having someone around, even if they don’t directly involve with your work can make a huge difference.

Good things take time; sleep on it.

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Late night crazy

Or how my sudden obsession with writing came to be

“Then what?” the writer wondered. Why do I bother even? I was a consumer my whole life and I was perfectly happy with it; what is this new craze about writing? Why do I insist on writing even though I have nothing I want to tell people about; and I am not even good at finding the right words? hell I can’t even touch-type. But for some strange reason I always wanted to write.

Maybe I understood the importance of writing in just every other task. Maybe I feel muted in a increasingly vocal society. Maybe I think if I can pick up this long sought skill, I am capable of everything I put my mind to. Maybe it’s just the exams-time-syndrome.

Whatever it is I should stop worrying about the number —word count— and just get busy writing.

The name of this text is borrowed from the name of a (series of) tracks by my good friend, Sina.

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For when I’m bored

“I’m bored.”

We all said it at some point. Some like me more than others. And yet there are so many undone tasks, or things you wanted to do when you were busy and didn’t have the time.

So I figured the cause of that statement is that my memory fails to remember all the things I wanted to do then. So I finally made a ‘Distant To-Dos’ list in my Google Keep notes to write down the cool things that cross my mind when I can’t afford doing fun tasks.

The thing about this To-Do list is, contrary to most to-do lists, it’s a list of the things I WANT TO DO; not the things that I HAVE TO DO.

So the plan is to fill the list with all kinds of cool stuff I like to do instead of the thing I’m busy with at the moment; and take a look at it whenever I am bored.

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It’s a special kind of tired. The only way I managed to describe the feeling was “I don’t wanna sleep; I want to die”.

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