Back, in style

It’s been a while since I practiced free writing. And not-so-coincidentally It’s been the same while since my last exam. The struggle is real people!

Anyway, I wasn’t exactly a worthless piece of some usually-brown matter in the past few days. I finally settled on middleman1 as my static site builder of choice to host these writings and actually did go all the way of implenting it. Which wasn’t a cake walk by any means. The commands from the official documentation didn’t work for me!2 Someone should write a good getting started on this thing for people who are not familiar with ruby. To be real someone probably have done already, But I didn’t happen to stumble upon such thing. By the way I just —in the middle of typing— decided to link to the project3 that actually finally made it work the way I wanted it to after a day of dealing with errors. Be this a thank you to those people.

1454183955 - Tehran
  1. middleman is an static website builder written in ruby. 

  2. I should have appended bundle exec to the begining of the commands in the doc for some reason. 

  3. middleman-casper is an elegant theme for middleman. As of writing, this blog uses this theme.