For when I’m bored

“I’m bored.”

We all said it at some point. Some like me more than others. And yet there are so many undone tasks, or things you wanted to do when you were busy and didn’t have the time.

So I figured the cause of that statement is that my memory fails to remember all the things I wanted to do then. So I finally made a ‘Distant To-Dos’ list in my Google Keep notes to write down the cool things that cross my mind when I can’t afford doing fun tasks.

The thing about this To-Do list is, contrary to most to-do lists, it’s a list of the things I WANT TO DO; not the things that I HAVE TO DO.

So the plan is to fill the list with all kinds of cool stuff I like to do instead of the thing I’m busy with at the moment; and take a look at it whenever I am bored.

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