I’m a night owl. The silence and the darkness of the nights are the things I seek. Makes for a clearer head in my opinion.

I remember, in our late home, there was absolute silence at nights. Hardly anything noisy was going on. But the things that did occasionally make a sound, had the chance to be heard fully and with clarity. The one thing I remember from every night up, is the sound of sweeping.

Every night around 4 AM, I could hear the sound of sweeping on the street below my window. It had a calming quality to it. I would halt whatever I was doing and just listen. Sometimes I would go to the window and watch the sweeper as he worked his way down the street. This sound was my signal to call it a night and head to the bed.

You were a valued companion in my sleepless nights Mr. Sweeper. Though we never met, you’ll be remembered.

P.S. Memory by Andrew Lloyd Webber is a pleasant late night tune.

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