A Late-night Thought

looking out the window, sodium lights on wet asphalt, an alien gold. I used to stare out at the city at night and just listen to music; giving my mind full autonomy over any kind of interpretation. I rarely watch music videos, they conflict with my inner accompanying image of the sound.

Years ago I listened to simpler music; over time they got progressively more abstract and wilder to picture. I would say Sigur Rós was the height, doesn’t get old, gives you freedom over what you get from it all the while carrying a strong, strong emotion.

What is art? How can we define it? For me, art is the medium for conveying feelings. Anything giving an emotion can be art if you feel it right. Be it even air hitting your face.

Can art be detached from the artist? There’s one specific version per observer, each with a unique personality. No one looks at the something and sees what others see. Our own past experiences, current feelings, and place are all mixed with whatever gets into our minds and form some image, that no one else can ever see.

Some work hard and try to make something best representing that. Try to remake it with every tool they know; be it setting focus point and shutter speed on a camera; or hitting the strings on a guitar. Some may build a world, word by word, on a blank paper with two holes, some may lay out detailed instructions for a computer to follow.

They may try to make you uncomfortable, deceived, immersed, or even frustrated. And you let the artist forever change you in ever smallest ways. Though we should all remember a single degree diversion over a long distance will result in a huge displacement.

For all we know the next music track you’ll listen to can be a determining factor in where you live five years from now.

How easily we let life happen to us without much thought…

1525906800 - Tehran