Back to routines

For whatever reason, I stopped doing all my daily routines one by one. I had a few things I did daily and often on a specific time of the day. There are a lot to be said about good habits and routines, and how they can help you grow as a person every passing day. For example I used to do 5 minutes of some course on Memrise every night; it’s obvious that I learned something each time which is a good thing. But the reason I decided to start doing specific things at specific times each day again, is something completely unrelated to the task and more to do with the intervals themselves.

The thing I noticed in my routine-free life is that now I have no sense of time. Like rising and setting of the sun, those timely tasks gave me a sense of time passing by. Now that my days are a chaos of unscheduled activities, I can’t say with certainty when I did what; it wasn’t used to be like this. That’s reason enought for me to go back to doing routines, including these nightly freewritings.

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